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In order to get the best results from Nano1, it’s important that you prep the paint well first, as well as use products that work well with coatings. For example, we do not recommend using polishes with fillers, commonly known as one step polishes. These polishes fill in flaws instead of removing them, and will not let the coating properly bond to the paint, reducing it’s longevity and performance ultimately leading to failure.

We recommend products from CS-II, Meguiar’s or TLD for best results.

The first step is to properly wash the paint. Use dish soap, iron remove, or fallout remover to assist in the decontamination of the paint. Ensure the paint does not bead before proceeding. If it does, you might consult a local detailing expert for help as this is a sign that there might already be a protective coating on the paint that will require work to remove before proceeding.

Once the paint has been prepped (washed & clayed), the next step is to polish the paint to remove as many flaws as you can in order to make it shine. While Nano1 products will hide a certain amount of blemishes this capability stems from an application method and isn’t always the best way to apply on your paint. So we recommend that you polish as best as possible before proceeding to the coating stage.

Before you can coat your paint, you need to wipe the car down with our Silicone Remover (Panel Wipe) which will remove any polishing oils or silicones left on the paint from your polishing products. This is a crucial step and cannot be replaced by using IPA. Some coatings on the market can be prepped with watered down isopropyl alcohol but this actually affects the ease of application for CS-II. We can’t recommend enough using our silicone remover first. Just spray it on, wipe the car down, then proceed to coating.

Coating is simple as applying product to the applicator, spreading it out on a panel about 12” x 12” using even and overlapping uniform wipes, then letting it dry for about a minute, before “leveling” or wiping the excess coating off. You want to have 2-3 microfiber towels on hand. The first towel will level the coating and the following 1-2 microfiber towels will be to buff clear the coating. This is all you have to do for the entire car. Only apply the coating to smooth, shiny surfaces like chrome, paint, painted plastics. Do not apply to glass, windows, textured plastics.

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