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ABOUT Nano-1

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CS-II Singapore & CS-II USA

Nano-1 products are manufactured in the USA in the same plant as CS-II. Although CS-II products are “professional only” products, Nano-1 has always been intended for the enthusiast and professional detailer that didn’t need the higher performing premium level CS-II products.

When I joined the CS-II team in 2015, it has been my goal from the very beginning to build up the CS-II reputation in the USA as the superior, high performing, high value product that works for detailers because it was made by and used by detailers. I knew that once I accomplished that goal, Nano-1 would be accepted and recognized by everyone as well due to its blood line.
Richard Lin

Each Nano1 coating comes with enough product to coat two medium sized vehicles. While you might be tempted to use less product, we encourage proper application in order to achieve maximum performance. Please watch out for our video section coming soon.

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Made in USA