Vision 50 (Hydrophobic Coating)


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A Hydrophobic product that generates results (50% SiO2)- 2 Years

Black Friday 2019 Pricing In Effect!!!  Vision 50 is a simple and easy way to retain the appearance of vehicles. With pioneering technology that uses two chemical compounds, this coating produces a hard-wearing hybrid shield that yields an intense gloss and continuous protection on all vehicle exteriors. Vehicles fortified with Vision 50 display features that are essentially indistinguishable from the hard surface of the exterior, making vehicles considerably easier to clean and preserve.

There are many benefits of using Vision 50. Since it is a high-quality repellent, dust and grime will not adhere to the treated exterior. This reduces the effect pollution and organic contaminants have on marking and staining vehicles, including dust, road salt, spotting and erosion that would usually damage the surface.

Inspected with a 5H pencil simulated abrasion test, the binding chemical, in combination with the stabilizing chemical, creates a protective film that repels dirt, and leaves a satin finish.

This product is suitable for cars, boats, motorbikes and bicycles, and works best on dark-colored vehicles. Made in the United States, it is a certifiable product backed by excellence and quality.

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