Aqua 4 (250ml)


Spray on Si02 coating that’s as easy to apply as a spray wax but with the durability from 6 months to a year protection.  Insane gloss with an easy to apply process.

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► Quickly adds smoothness, gloss & protection
► Can be applied onto any surfaces
► Extremely easy to use
► Hydrophobic

Aqua 4 Nanotechnology Coating is liquid form of silica glass. Innovative technology has enabled the application of liquid glass under normal temperatures without the use of special equipment.

The Nano-sized particles penetrate and bind with the molecules of the paint to create a long lasting, hard protective layer. Then the silicone resin shields the layer to provide a very smooth and shiny finish. It also has super water repellent properties.

Instead of wax, Aqua 4 protects and adds incredible gloss and depth to vehicle using nano-sized resin particles.

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